So I spend to much time on the computer.  I also add links to my Facebook page WAY to much.  In an effort not to overload my friends with links to sites they may or may not be interested in, I am going to share all of these links (that I found today) in a blog entry.  Which I then will post on my Facebook page.

*I will also try and figure out how to get a links page on my blog.  I don’t know if this is possible since my knowledge of web design is pretty much non-existant*

Big Family Shirts – A lot of shirts I would LOVE to own.  If I had the money to buy them that is.  Realistically I should probably just go get them made.  Also, they are a Vision Forum Affiliate, which makes me like them quite a big 🙂

Ladies Against Feminism – A great site with lots of articles on why feminism is bad, as well as relevant news.

Childless Not By Choice – A community of women that have not been able to have children despite wanting them desperately.  For those still trying, and those who have given up.


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