Something Uninteresting

I’m again late for my period.  I just thought everyone should know.  I usually have a 26 day cycle, and I am on cycle day 28.  Going to wait a good long time to test this time since I wasted my tests last month during my longest cycle ever.  Probably 2 weeks from Friday, since that will be really late and a payday.  Or maybe just on the 1st when I get paid again.  That is a whole week late.  But I will only test then if I have reason to believe I might be pregnant, you know peeing all the time (more than I already do), being sick alot, being super tired even though I sleep enough, otherwise I will wait.  I REALLY hate my body when it comes to anything hormonal.


4 thoughts on “Something Uninteresting

  1. Have you heard of the fertility awareness method? It has helped me so much to know exactly when my period is coming. Takes out a lot of the guess work of when you can get pregnant, too. "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler explains the method in detail. It makes things less stressful for me. HTH.

  2. Sometime I am sure I MUST be pregnant, but (obviously) I never am. I figure that when I finally do get knocked up, either naturally or with a doctor's help, I will be someone that doesn't have any symptoms for the first like 2 months and will be certain I am not pregnant when I am. Or I might just start puking as soon as I get pregnant and be like "oh wow, this time is WAY different".At least we are learning to be patient right?

  3. @chicago – I have that book 🙂 I know WAY to much about FAM and used to take my BBT everyday and track religiously. I need to start to again, since my husband and I are looking to start fertility treatments of some sort in the next 6 months or so, but for some reason I find it more disappointing when I start my period when I was being good and tracking it. Its like I gave it my best effort and still failed. At least this way I am hardly trying. I'm a little weird LOL

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