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Twenties Girl

I decided to do some book reviews on my blog.  The reasons for this are threefold*.
1. I like books
2. I don’t have alot to say sometimes
3. I like to give my opinions on things.  Opinions on books don’t tend to annoy/offend people.

Twenties Girl is written by Sophie Kinsella, who is pretty much my favorite author.  Yes, I realize this makes me rather shallow and pathetic, and I should pick some classic author, but you know what, I can’t help it, I LOVE good Chick Lit.  Incidently, I don’t usually care to much for Chick Flicks anymore…

Sophie Kinsella also wrote the Shopaholic series (books NOT the movie, which sucked big time), which I HIGHLY recommend, as well as some other fun novels.

Twenties Girl is about a 20-something girl named Lara.  While she is at her great aunt’s funeral, she happens to meet her great aunt.  Yes, this book is about someone being haunted, but its not SciFi or mystery or anything.  I mean there is a mystery, but the ghost thing isn’t really explained.  Now her aunt (Sadie) is a bit obnoxious, and really wants her necklace back.  She isn’t mean, but she is quite persistant.

Sadie was a fun-loving girl, and while she lived to be 105, her ghost was her at 23.  She was 23 in the 1920’s, so the title all around makes sense.

Lara is the only one that can see Sadie, but everyone can hear her.  Not outloud, but in their head, as random thoughts.  This leads to some interesting things happening, dates, jobs, outings.

Of course this is a chick lit book, so there is a romance involved, actually two of them, but not at the same time, and one is a fairly pathetic relationship, so you are kind of glad to see it end.

For her dates with one man, Sadie insists that Lara dress up in 20’s garb.  To go to a regular bar/restaurant.  Her date is quite nice about it, but what must he have been thinking.

Sadie is kind of sad because she lived for 105 years, but didn’t leave a mark anywhere.  The necklace is (unknown to Sadie) actually a clue about how she DID leave a mark on the world.
Over all this is a great book, although I would warn that it is rated PG-13 for language and some sexual content, but nothing like a Harlequin novel (yes I read those too, don’t judge me!  (:  )

*this is actually a Friends reference.  I was watching alot of Friends yesterday


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