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Rachel’s Great Idea

So the last few evenings I have been doing something really embarassing with my time.  And I am going to admit it on here, even though I avoided saying exactly what it was on my facebook.

I have been reading Baby-sitters Club blogs.  I can’t help it.  I’m a fan of the BSC on facebook, and someone linked to their blog, which was nice, but had just started so there wasn’t much to read.  But her blog linked to another blog, which of course linked to other blogs and so on and so forth. 

As if that isn’t pathetic enough, I read almost all of one blog (that was 3-4 years old) that night, but I skipped over the ones that were reviewing the books I either had not read, or could not remember reading.  After all I don’t want to spoil the surprise.  Yes, you read that right.  The surprise.  These are books that give away half the plot on the back and always end happily ever after.  Oh yeah and they were written for like 9 year olds.  But I still plan on reading them *someday* and don’t want to know what happens.

If you have read all of my entries, you know that I am collecting all of the books up.  I was off to an excellent start, but since moving out and having restart paying bills, finishing that collection (or the Animorphs for my husband) isn’t a priority, when there is debt to be paid and babies to have inserted in my uterus.  Of course I can’t just have books sitting around on my bookshelf not being read.  Oh wait I do that anyways.  So I read them all.  And now I decided to start a BSC blog like all those other ladies that loved the books, so I will probably reread them again in the near future.  The other thing this lead me to do is to embarrassing to talk about, but at some point I am sure I will, because secrets are not really my thing…


2 thoughts on “Rachel’s Great Idea

  1. You know what's awesome about revealing secret obsessions? More than likely, there will be a bunch of other people who feel the same way. 😀 I used to read the BSC books when I was little and have actually been wanting to read some of them again. I saw a used copy sitting on a shelf in a bookstore on our honeymoon and I was really tempted to pick it up, but didn't for some reason.I also was super into the Sweet Valley books and TV show. :p

  2. I love the BSC books, but reading them as an adult its like… where the heck are these girls parents as they are wandering around NYC? And why is Mallory not allowed to wear cool clothes, but she can have a boyfriend, who I am pretty sure she kissed? If you ever want to read them, I have like the first 16, most of the Super Specials, and lots of the Mysteries 😛

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