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Skinny, Tidy, and Well-Read

That is what I hope to be by the end of this year. 

I know New Year’s Resolutions are stupid, and not really going to help, but really for me it was just a good timeline.  Plus I didn’t start on New Years so it doesn’t count. 

I am pretty determined to lose about 20 pounds in the next few months, that will put me back at my High School weight.  Well I was determined to lose 20 pounds, but now its only 17!  WooHoo (and I don’t mean having sex in the Sims, its just an exclamation)!

To do so I am eating Yoghurt in the mornings (along with toast or cereal if I remember), and Slim-Fast (or rather Slim Supreme since I am cheap and buy off-brand everything but ketchup) for lunch.  I am only supposed to have between 1,200 and 1,550 calories a day until I reach my goal weight when it raises to between 1,500 and 1,800, which will be awesome.  By doing the dieting things in the early day, I still have at least 800 calories left for dinner and snack.  At least 300 of them are usually used up by my giant Pibb I insist on drinking pretty much daily.  I could lose weight SO much faster I am sure if I gave it up, as well as have a flatter belly almost immediatly, but I don’t want to.  I could also probably speed things along by drinking more water, but I am really bad about that too.

I am also trying to walk everyday, but its really cold, and I don’t want to walk if its frozen outside, because I am clumsy and can just see myself outside on the sidewalk for hours before someone finds me.  This does NOT sound fun to me.  I got a Curves trial membership, so I am going to do that every night this week (except maybe not tonight, depending on Michael’s willingness to watch a baby for me).  I am really trying.

Sunday and Monday are failure days for me, but Michael is off work and brings home yummy food or we go out, so its to be expected.  I figure 5/7 days is pretty good compared to the 0/7 I was doing before.

The second thing I want to do is get to where my house is clean all the time.  I stay at home for goodness sakes.  Its just laziness if the house is messy.  And although I tend to be lazy, I want to be an awesome housewife!  I have been cooking dinner more, and not just from a box.  I love recipes and grocery shopping and menu planning.

Right now my house is clean.  This is thanks to  The FlyLady.  She has all kinds of idea, but mostly on Facebook people play Bingo.  Its stupid, but it makes cleaning into a game!  You make a numbered list of 6 or 7 (depending on the kind of game that your playing) chores that need to be done that you think can be done in 15 or 7 minutes (again depeding on the game – there is 6 x 15 Bingo and 7 x 7 Bingo) then at the top of the hour (TOTH) the caller (whoever decided they want to pick the numbers) randomly calls one of the numbers.  You have 7 or 15 minutes to do the chore.  I do not know why, but this makes it fun to me.  It made it fun to the little boy I baby-sit to.  He kept helping me do chores and telling me to hurry up before the timer went off.  I advise you check it out if your looking for a clean house and good time.  Tons of ladies on all the time, and there is always a game going on 🙂

The last thing I want to do is finish reading the Bible.  This one I have been a bit lazy on, but since I have given myself to the end of the year to do it, I still have some time to catch up because I have already read about 1/4 of it.  I feel that I should read what I believe and that knowing God’s word is important to both following it and bringing other people to Jesus.  Along this line I would like to go to church more often, we go to Sunday school on Sunday’s but we skip church, and we never go to evening or weeknight services.  I also plan on going to the Ladies’ Meeting every month, and would love some other things to get involved in with people that are trying their best to be good Christians. 

2 thoughts on “Skinny, Tidy, and Well-Read

  1. Hey, Rachel! I'm following your blog now! I remember the Babysitters Club books! I used to read them all the time as a tween! Love them! I wish my girls were more into reading. I'm with ya on FlyLady AND the losing weight this year! Go US!

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