What I Got For Christmas!

This seems like a rather materialistic entry/list, but really its a way of showing gratitude for the things that people got me.  And I pretty much made out like a bandit this Christmas. 

-3 seasons of The Girls Next Door (with more to come when they are done being on back-order)
-A Mary-Kate and Ashley package (3 seasons of Full House, a Mary Kate and Ashley Hawaiian party movie, Passport to Paris, How the West Was Fun, and When in Rome) These were from my mum, who started out just getting the Full House seasons, but kept finding more stuff to add on to it.  I am a loser so I think its awesome!
-Gift Cards Galore!  $25 to Joann’s, $25 to Borders, $25 to Old Navy, $15 to Hancock Fabrics, plus Michael and I got a $25 Olive Garden card, $25 Regal card, and 2 movie tickets.  I also $25 in cash.  I want to go shopping!!!
-Somewhere In Time – My sister remembered how I always watched that movie.
-Ramona and Beezus – My baby sister and I had been planning on having a movie night when my family came to visit and we were both waiting to watch this together.  She also got me Puffy Cheetos.  Movie night was great!
-Polar Express and Santa Claus is Coming to Town – Yay Christmas Movies!!!
-A really nice shirt from my grandma.
-Flintstones movies – also from my grandma.  These are her old movies that I used to watch (and watch and watch) at her house.  I am stoked.
-A Strawberry Shortcake t-shirt – Where she is wearing her adorable clothes, not her stupid new ones.
-A Christmas cooking set – Mixing bowl, wooden spoon, cookie cutters, cookie mix, and measuring cups.
-Socks, coasters and a handmade bag from my friend.
-Soap and body spray – Michael’s cousin always gives everyone presents every year, which is pretty sweet of her.
-Mario 64 for the DS

I think that is everything, but I probably forgot something, which when I figure out what it is will make me feel terrible.  But I am so happy with everything I got, and so appreciative of how many people took the time, effort and money to get me things.


One thought on “What I Got For Christmas!

  1. Full House is awesome! One night I was watching an E True Hollywood Story type of show about Mary-Kate and Ashley and I pined for Full House. I went on Amazon and got the complete series box set. And Girls Next Door is a guilty pleasure of mine. :pI'm happy to see you had a Merry Christmas. 🙂

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