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Babies and No Babies…

On Wednesday one of my best friends had a little girl.  Her name is Gabriella and she is adorable.  9 lbs. 14 ozs, vaginal delivery with no drugs of any sort (other some Vicadin after she was born : P  )  This is pretty awesome, since some people think that big babies require c-sections, and I would say almost 10 pounds is a pretty good sized baby.  YAY Melissa!

Yesterday my baby sister (Noelle-who is 15 and not really a baby at all), my friend (Brittany) and I went to meet the new baby.  We took the little girl I baby-sit (Hadlee-who is 13 months) with us.  Now Noelle is the baby of the family and as such has not really had much experience with diapers.  But she changed all of the diapers while she stayed with me as I thought that she could use the practice.  She had gotten the baby up from her nap and changed her poopy diaper without any help from me at all.  I was there, and offered to help but she wanted to do it herself.

We went to KFC/Taco Bell for lunch (because we love burritos and mac and cheese at the same meal).  Everything was going great, but Hadlee started getting a little fussy so I picked her up and kept feeding her on my lap.  Then I noticed I was a bit wet.  Then I noticed that Hadlee smelled a bit like pee.  Even though she had only been in the diaper for a little while (like an hour) she had peed out of it.  This had something to do with the fact that my sister seemed to think that diapers should be low-riders like underwear…  I was only a little damp, but baby was soaked.  And she was wearing a onesie so her shirt was soaked too.  We were 30-45 minutes away from home, and in a small town with no Wal-Mart, only a Goodwill.  Seeing as how I didn’t have time to turn around, change her, and come back, and there was no way I was going to put Goodwill clothes on a baby without washing them first, we had a white trash adventure.

Yes, I took the poor baby in the hospital wearing nothing but socks and a jacket.  I mean I wrapped her in a blanket too, but she pretty much was naked.  She was fine, and wasn’t cold or anything, but it was pretty sad.  Then when we got home I put her in her jammies, which I guess next time I go somewhere I will bring with me.
On Tuesday, I started bleeding, so I was actually a day early for my NEXT period.  Or 20 some days late for my LAST period.  But either way not pregnant, and wasted two tests. 

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