Waiting For Auntie (TMI)

So I was supposed to start my period LAST Monday.  That was the 6th.  It is now the 15th and no sign of it.  Thats NINE days late.  Last Tuesday I took a pregnancy test, and only got one horrid little line (which is what I was expecting).

That is not to much information.  This is though:
On Saturday I started to spot.  Oh, here it is.  I ALWAYS spot for like 3 days before my period, which is really obnoxious.  So I figured, oh well on Monday I guess I’ll start bleeding.  Except on Monday I STOPPED bleeding entirely, and it hasn’t came back at all.  WTF?!?!?!

So tomorrow I am going to test again, because something is wrong with me.  Its called impatience.  I won’t believe it if it tells me I am pregnant.  Its a digital test, and I have read that they are the only tests that give false positives.  So far I can’t even get a FALSE positive.  But whatever. 

3 thoughts on “Waiting For Auntie (TMI)

  1. Kate: No question is to invasive when it comes to TTC (trying to conceive). But no spotting yet!Charlene: I have been really late before, but usually because I ovulate late. I wasn't keeping track of it this month, but based on what I did notice, I ovulated on time. So its driving me CRAZY! If I don't start spotting tomorrow it will be my longest cycle ever, and I have been keeping track for around 3 years! I have been stressed, so it could just be skipping. Stupid hormones, and body!

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