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I am steadily getting fat (I also played CandyLand for two hours today).  I am not there yet, but I am certainly not going to be called skinny anytime soon, unless its by an obese person, who probably would consider me to be skinny.  But the skinny people wouldn’t call me one of them anymore.  Which is sad.  I never really thought I was pretty, just average, but what I really had going for me was being skinny with big boobs.  Now I just have big boobs, which isn’t nearly as uncommon.

 I’m not overweight, and if I could guarantee I wouldn’t gain anymore weight, I probably wouldn’t care.  I have gained about 10 pounds in the last 3 years.  Not that much, only 3.33 pounds a year.  Alright, lets times that by 21… I am of course using the calculator to do this… 69.93 pounds.  116 + 70 = 186.  At 45 I will not be considered in a healthy weight range.  I also won’t be able to look at myself naked.  Not that I like to do that even when I do like how I look with clothes on…

So starting in January I am going to stop eating.  Well not entirely, considering how much I love to eat, and how I like to be alive and not in the hospital.  But I am certainly going to eat about half servings of everything, meaning I will be hungry, but I will still be happy getting to eat all the yummy food I like.  Maybe I will even cut my sodas from 32 oz to 16 oz.  Hopefully my stomach will shrink and I will no longer be able to eat a large size Super Value Meal from McDonalds no matter how delicious it is.

I would consider exercising, but I’m never alone in the house and walking alone, outside in the rain doesn’t sound like fun and I can’t jog cause I always laugh at joggers, plus I only run if something dangerous is chasing me (which has not happened yet).  So diet it is, until Michael and I can afford gym memberships for both of us.  HAHAHAHA!!!!  If you could see my checking account balance right now you would know why this is so funny.

So next year maybe I can manage to lose 3.33 pounds instead of gaining it.  I can dream right?  🙂


One thought on “Plumpy

  1. i gained 20 pounds last year in about 4 months. i lost ALL of it already, most of it in the first three months of trying. i eliminated all soda for two months (a LOT of empty calories just in one lousy can! did you know that one can is enough to keep you awake?! my body was so tolerant i had forgotten it was a stimulant!). i also stopped all emotional eating. if i wanted a snack, i'd do something else for an hour and if i still wanted something i'd eat but i'd make sure it was truly snack sized (under 250 calories). i also stopped eating at a point when i used to be full when my eating habits were healthier (i was eating 3x what i used to eat just bc i was bored or upset or whatever and then my stomach got used to it).

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