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Car Rides And Childbirth

After wasting a good part of my afternoon reading the entries on, this analogy came up.  I love it alot and wanted to share it with all six of my followers. 

I did NOT write this, a lady named Robyn did, and said anyone was welcome to it:

“There has been quite a bit of comparison between childbirth and car accidents. Thinking about this analogy really shows you the two different forms of thinking. The natural childbirth advocates see the childbirth process as a car ride. They take safe driving precautions (such as proper diet, exercise, and taking their prental vitamins). Most have their seat belt (midwife in the event of minor complications) and air bag (hospital transfer in the event of major complications) in place in the event of getting into an accident (birth crisis).

Modern obstetrics, however, views the childbirth process as a wreck in progress. They make every attempt they possibly can to save women from the wreckage that is childbirth.

In a car accident, the use of a seatbelt or air bag can be life saving. However, it becomes a dangerous ride that will end in an accident if our seat belts were to constrict every time we shifted in our seat. Or the air bag to deploy every time we hit our brakes. Or someone sitting in the passenger seat decides you’re not driving to their satisfaction and reaches over to grab the wheel or step on the pedals.

Just like with vehicular operation someone will get into an accident, either from their own negligence or no fault of their own, and require safety mechinisms we put in place. Some women will wind up with health problems because they refused to take proper care of themselves. Others will have random complications that no one could predict. Either way, intervention is required. And when applied in that fashion, it tends to be very effective.

When women begin labor, the thought of a possible c-section is one of the last things on most minds. Most of them, unless planning a c-section, expect to labor normally and birth vaginally. Just like when we get into our cars, very few of us think that we could wind up in an accident. We expect to drive to our destination and back without any problems.

Unfortunately, modern obstetrics overuses the safety mechinisms and causes many accidents. Many OBs feel it’s a driver’s ed car where they have full control in the passenger seat and can take over if Mom isn’t driving to their satisfaction. And if they hit a few bumps in the road, narrowly avoid a collission, or total the car……well, the car was defective.”


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