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Today I Am Thankful For Video Cassette Tapes and Goodwill For Still Selling the VCRs to Play Them

I am not a technology fan.  Okay, I kind of am, but its way more of a love/hate thing.  Take the internet for example.  I think its the devil, but have no idea how to function without it.  I also love the ability to bore random people with my random thoughts 🙂  But I could not get somewhere I have never been before without the internet.  I would never know how much money I had without the internet.  I would never see distant aquantainces babies without the internet.  I see its purpose and its useful.

DVDs not so much.  Blu-Ray?  Not at all.

I love that with a video cassette, it stays right where you stopped it.  I love that you are not forced to watch the FBI warning that no one listens to anyway so far as I can tell from looking at various people’s movie collections.  I like the basicness of it.  I like the ease of recording from the TV onto the VHS. 

One good thing about DVDs and Blu-Rays though.  Now all the VHS tapes are super cheap at Goodwill.  $2-4 will buy you pretty much any Disney movie you could want.  Well except the new ones that are not released on such old technology.  VCRs are only $5 if you get the right color tag!  Which is good because you will be replacing them fairly often seeing as how most of them are pretty crappy.

But I don’t mind.  I have so many movies of VHS that the idea of not being able to watch them anymore is pretty horrifying.  And the idea of replacing them all is really horrifying.  I don’t watch them often, but I sure want to be able to. 

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