babies, Thanksgiving

Today I Am Thankful For My Job

I love my job.  I get paid to do exactly what I hope to do for free as soon as my body can figure out how to get pregnant.  Most people can’t say that.

Best parts of my job:
1. Playing is pretty much my main activity.
2. An awesome excuse to buy toys and books.
3. My job literally consists of me relaxing on the floor for a portion of the day.  Babies like to play with you on their level.  And use you as a human jungle gym.
4. I can keep my house clean(ish) and husband fed while being “at” work. 
5. Babies sleep half the day.  Although I love playing with her while she is awake, the fact that 4 out of 9 nine working hours I am free to be doing pretty much whatever I want is certainly a perk.
6. It makes me feel very loved.  When her mom drops her off and says she gets all happy and excited when she says they are going to my house it makes me happy 🙂
7. Sometimes kids really do say the darndest things.  Like yesterday when the 4 year old said (regarding the just turned one year old who knows about 2 words – baby and quack) “The baby speaks Spanish doesn’t she?”


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