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Four Years

On August 17th Michael and I had been together for four years.  Thats as long as High School.  Except unlike High School I didn’t skip a quarter of that time.  Plus I like being married WAY more than High School. 

In case you had not already figured it out, I’m a little bit of a weirdo.  For some reason it gives me great joy that Michael and I am have been married longer than pretty much anyone we know.  Sometimes this is ridiculous, such as my sister, who is quite alot younger than me, and therefore could not have been married as long as me, and she got married almost a year younger than me.  Or like a couple I know that has been married less time than me, but was together for like nine years before they got married.  Michael and I were only together for like nine months. 

Four years reminds me of The First Four Years by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  I love Little House books.  I want to buy a set of them, preferably hard cover so my potential children can read them over and over again.  The part of that book that really stands out to me, other than the fact that its really short compared to the others, is when Mr. Edwards and his wife (Mrs. Edwards?) ask Almanzo and Laura for their baby (Rose).  I feel really bad for the Edwards’s, seeing as how I can’t have kids either apparently, and I admire the balls it would take to actually ask someone for their baby.  But I am really glad for Almanzo and Laura that they didn’t go for it.  Not only was it kind of weird, but Rose ended up being their only child.  How sad would that have been?  I hope Mr. Edwards got his baby though.


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