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A Rant On Diet and Exercise

Let me start out by acknowledging my lack of application of the knowledge I am going to share.

Everyone always says if you want to lose weight you have to exercise.  Let us take a moment and do some math (don’t worry I am doing it for you, who wants to do math?).

We are going to have a delicious snack, well we are going to pretend we are anyways.  First I am going to give you 13 Puffy Cheetos.  You are probably thirsty, so I’m going to be nice and buy you a fountain drink (32 ounces), and its going to be Dr. Pepper.  Plus, I’m sure you want some chocolate, so I am going to buy you some Junior Mints too.  Just a regular size box, not the king size or anything.  How many calories do you think that is?  780!  There are 780 calories in that “snack”.  And other then the soda, which you might sip on for hours (rotting your teeth… yes I am being a downer today), its pretty much gone in 10 minutes.  More than one third of your daily allowed calories (give or take) is gone in 10 minutes (and with no food value even).

So, its alright, you will just take a walk right?  For ease of math I am going to assume you are a 135 lb female, because thats what they always do in magazines.  It will take a bit more activity if you are lighter and a bit less if you are heavier.  Well you have to walk for 3 hours and 45 minutes at a moderate pace.  Jogging is more effective at burning calories, so you will just try that.  Well you only have to do that for 1 hour and 50 minutes.  Oh, but your joints won’t hold up to that much impact, so swimming is better right?  2 hours and 10 minutes.  You are gonna be pretty wrinkly when you are done sweating off that snack. 

It will take you almost four hours of walking to get rid of 10 minutes of snack.  Wouldn’t it be more productive to just wait for dinner? 

Now I tend to eat and not exercise, and its fairly amazing that I am not the size of a small elephant.  So I am not really one to talk, considering that 780 calorie “snack” is one of my favorites.  I just hate how people are like, well if you exercise you will lose weight.  Only if you quit eating so many calories!  Or you invest your entire life into burning them off.

Exercise is important in having your body LOOK good, because you can be a healthy weight and look like hell if your not toned (me being a case in point). 

Its also important in having your body feel good (not like that you perverts).  Lots of health problems (physical and mental) can be avoided or made better by exercise (and diet).  You tend to live longer and be happier.  Your heart not giving out when you are 35 is generally considered a good thing.  However putting down the Whopper and eating some carrots might help with that too.

The food industry would love to have you believe that food isn’t the underlying cause of obesity, its a lack exercise.  After all they make more money when people are as big as houses, but lets be realistic about it.  Diet is more important then exercise when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight.

Just to make you hungry 🙂

An awesome documentary talking about the food industries’ link with obesity.


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