Not Quite a Failure…

Today I decided that I needed to sew some more. I like it, and I had Michael spend money on a sewing machine, not to mention all the money I spent on things to sew.

And patterns, oooh I love patterns. I have some that I don’t even know if I will use, but for $0.25 how can I pass them up?

So today I finished my baby shirt. Its suppossed to be a preemie size, but the little girl I baby-sit wears 12 months, and I think it might be a little big for her… So I have no idea what is up with pattern sizes.

I also worked on my apron a little, but can’t finish it until I have access to an iron, which will be in a million years when I finally move out, since I am going to be working all the time soon.

Now I’m going to actually try and make a sash to make my dress look less horrible!


2 thoughts on “Not Quite a Failure…

  1. Do you use the same brand of patterns or are they all messed up? I've always wanted to make some sort of clothing from patterns. I bought a few a long time ago (before high school) but never did anything with them. I made a bunch of weird Barbie clothes though.Everything you make looks really good though, even if the sizes are wrong (which isn't your fault anyway). 🙂

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