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Garage Sales! Or: What Can I Get For $9? Or: What Am I Willing To Pay For Other Peoples Trash

Good deals make me happy inside. Its pathetic, but very true. Garage sales are super fun to me, but as I rarely have cash, I don’t often go.

This weekend I had some cash, and it was burning a hole in my pocket, and the sun was burning some color into my pasty skin, and I thought I ought to go see what kind of stuff people were selling in their driveways.

I think I got some good stuff. My poor husband thinks I got more crap to stuff into our ever shrinking room.

$3 for an air popper! An almost new one that was bought last Christmas! And it doesn’t spin around in circles on the counter like its possessed like the one I bought at Goodwill five years ago (Wow, I am always reminding myself that I am old).
$0.50 for a pair of little boys Converse. These were for Brittany, but still an awesome deal! And last summer we got a smaller pair from the same peoples garage sale.
$1.50 for three photo albums. They are just the little slide the photos in kind, but since my dad has about 10 million loose photos in boxes, at least they are a start.
This was my first garage sale of the weekend. The ladies were super nice and offered me a stroller/carseat travel system for just $20 (they had it priced at $50) but Michael wouldn’t give me the extra cash for it.

$1 for a baby gown, two diaper covers (not for actual diapering, just for covering diapers with dresses and such), and an adorable, supersoft pair of baby socks.
Oh, and a Captain Picard action figure/doll for free for Brittany. They had some awesome Star Wars collectibles that the nerd in me almost wanted to buy, but they were pretty pricey.

I also got a set of super awesome 1970’s (I’m assuming) juice glasses for $1, a baby food book (hardcover) for $0.50, and a Suzy’s Zoo board book for $0.50.

Oh and I got a couple of Pokemon Welch’s Jam containers/juice glasses for Michael.

And I still have $10 left for next week!


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