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Things I Want to Do

This is a list. A weird list because some things are important, and some of them are random, but still, all things I want to do…

*be pregnant
*give birth
*have a baby
(yes I realize that all of these could be the same, but they also can all happen independently i.e. miscarriages, c-sections, adoption)
*make myself a dress that looks pretty
*move out of my mother-in-laws house
*buy a house
*build a house
*knit something that doesn’t look like crap
*crochet something that doesn’t look like crap
*finish reading the Bible
*visit another country at least one more time
*learn a second language to a conversational level
*have a garden
*have a clothesline
*make a quilt
*be a wonderful housewife, who keeps a clean house and feeds her family well rounded meals
*breastfeed at least one baby at least 2 years
*raise a good Christian family

Well thats it… I don’t have super lofty goals, I don’t want to be rich or famous, or travel around the world. I don’t want to do exciting things. I just want to be the best wife and mother I can be.


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