Making Clothes for Giants…

My wonderful husband bought me a sewing machine.

I suck at sewing. But its fun, so I do it anyway. So far I had just made a baby dress and matching booties because I was afraid making something for me would be alot harder. But today I decided that I would just go ahead and do it, seeing as how I had already cut out the pieces.

I measured myself, I really did. And to my immense disappointment it told me I was a size 12 (usually I am a size 3-5). But I sucked it up and cut out the pattern in size 12, after all I wanted it to fit.

Now I did not do a good job putting this dress together, and I don’t know how to do zippers so I cheated on the back and just used bias tape to make ties. The armholes don’t line up and I didn’t do the neck facing or casing or whatever they call it, because, like zippers, I don’t know how. But I would have worn it in all its wretchedness. Except apparently I am not a size 12. Because even with super extra big seams (like over an inch) on both sides of the dress, its gigantic.

With the immense size and the bias tape ties for the back, it looks like a pink, darted hospital gown. And a poorly made one at that.

So my dress was a failure, but on the plus side, I guess I’m not a size 12! 🙂


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