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Sunny Days…

Sweeping the Clouds Away… Yes I am singing the Sesame Street song.

I used to love Sesame Street, but now it sucks. Elmo sucks. I used to think he was cute. Until he took over the whole show with stupid Elmo’s World. Where did Grover the waiter go? And the Yip-yips (I think thats what they were called)?

Alright, rant over.

Today was wonderfully sunny! Not so hot its uncomfortable, but just right. I went for a walk with the baby I baby-sit, which was awesome. I really wish that they would not rip up the sidewalks, because when your pushing a stroller you have to turn around and find another corner to cross at because you have to be careful with the precious cargo of a baby!

My job is awesome. Today I got breakfast and lunch cooked for me, and watched Grey’s Anatomy before my lovely walk. I work for wonderful people, and am a little sad that I have to move on pretty soon, but hopefully they will still call me for weekends and evenings 🙂


One thought on “Sunny Days…

  1. I know this post is from forever ago but Morgan and I just watched a Best of Elmo movie at work last night. It was definitely nostalgic and awesome, though hearing Elmo's voice for a long period of time did start to wear at my brain.Btw, love the blog title and description. 🙂

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