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My Pathetic Self Control

Today I could have spent my entire paycheck at Goodwill. Getting books. Books that I don’t care to read. Books that I am hoping to someday have a daughter or two that wants to read them. Instead I spent seven dollars. Which is still alot considering that I am pretty broke. They are Baby-Sitters Club books. Baby-Sitters Little Sister Super Specials actually. But someone had dropped off what looked to be at least half the series in near perfect conditon at my local Goodwill. My goodness, my husband would have been SO mad if I had bought them all. I would have been pretty mad at myself tomorrow actually.

To be a little fair to myself I AM collecting up ALL the BSC books for my future daughters (okay I admit it, its a little bit for me too) as well as ALL the Animorphs books for my someday sons (and yes, for my husband).

At Costco today I nearly had a break-down. Because they were out of pizza and hotdogs and my husband was going to run out of time to eat dinner on his break. I managed (barely) to make it out of the store before I started crying. Sometimes my emotions are a little out of my control, but I think thats because I am a girl. He bought Wendy’s and I stopped crying.


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