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Lets Make a New Holiday

Mother’s Day unfairly excludes people like me. I mean I can send cards and gifts to my mother and grandmothers, but I am not on the receiving end of the celebration, and I find that sad.

Three years. Three years since I stopped taking birth control. And three years that I have not had a baby. In this time lots of people I know have had babies, and some are “cooking” their second by now.

I know I am not alone in this, I have friends that also have problems with getting pregnant, and I have been a member of online communities with a HUGE membership of ladies that are willing to go through so much pain and hurt to get their hearts desire. People who have been trying for 10 years or more, or have invested every last penny into trying to make the dream become a reality.

In a perfect world crackwhores and people who don’t want kids wouldn’t get them, and those of us who are aching for kids would get them upon request. Its not a perfect world, so that doesn’t happen.

Just my little rant of the day(s).


4 thoughts on “Lets Make a New Holiday

  1. OK, I don't even know if you get these comments that are on posts from long ago. Oh well. We've been trying for 2 plus years as well to have a baby. I know that when it's God's timing, it will happen. I just wish I knew when that will be. I have two friends who got pregnant within a month of being married! I'm so excited for them, yet it's hard to not be jealous. Both you & I have been baby lovers for years! Hopefully soon, we'll both have good news. Do you take a pregnancy test every month before your period is supposed to start or do you just wait & see if it starts?

  2. I always check my comments! I have it so I am moderating them, mostly just so they will email me if I get new ones :)I am one of the patient (or cheap) people, I hardly ever test. Only if I'm super late. Mostly because seeing the stupid single line is just depressing, and then I still have to start my period later which is also depressing. How about you? Its awesome how much we have in common 🙂 But it sucks that one thing is that we can't manage to get pregnant…Have you been to a doctor or anything?

  3. I don't test each month either. I did for awhile & then I realized I could have saved like $8 (I buy them at Doller Tree). Cheap I know, but I could have done lots with that $8. I won't let myself take a test until I'm five days late or have lots of syptoms (which hasn't happened yet) or if there's a big day coming up. Like we checked a couple days before Christmas, since it I was pregnant we would have told people then, etc. Scott, my husband, needs to go into the doctor for his wrist & he said he'd check out his side of things then. Problem is we don't have a doctor since we've moved & our insurance doesn't cover everything anymore either. So it'll cost us a little more, that one reason we've been putting it off. I haven't tried the thermometer idea, of taking temp every morning yet. I'd like to give that a try for a couple months & see what happens.

  4. I know what you could do with $8, I see your couponing posts and pictures on Facebook :)I love that Dollar Tree sells tests, but I hate that they have evaporation lines sometimes. Once I took one and spent like 15 minutes looking at it in different lights, pulling it apart and taking inverted pictures of it before I decided if it was a gray or pink line. I love taking my temperature, as dumb as that sounds. Its nice because then I know when I ovulate so I can tell if I am actually late or not. is awesome for that and its free (well not all the features, but all that you need). I don't know where you live, but I have a really good book all about charting your cycle, both for trying to have a baby and trying not to have a baby. You could borrow it if you don't live far away :)I understand about the money, I don't have insurance at all, and even if I did, it doesn't usually cover fertility stuff. The good news is that its not as expensive as I thought it was going to be. About $500 for tests and $300 for each cycle of IUI. I always get super excited about holidays, and hope that it will be the month, so I totally understand about Christmas.

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